Student Clubs

Association for Computing Machinery Club has been established for our students to improve themselves and create a wide communication network by organizing programming competitions, conferences and seminars where engineering speeches will be held with the leading names of the industry on topics such as programming languages and techniques, artificial intelligence, cyber security, robotics for our Engineering Department students.

Çankaya University Information Security Society aims to organize events such as seminars, lectures and conferences that are needed by our university students and people in our country on Cyber Security, which is one of the most important areas of the future and which is needed most by our country and the world today. In this way, in order to help close the gap in cyber security in our country, it aims to create a platform where everyone can stay up-to-date in this field and to provide the opportunity to develop themselves by guiding the students who want to work in this field in the future.

Çankaya University Computer Engineering Club aims to contribute to the academic development of Çankaya University students by closely following the developments and applications in the field of informatics in our country and in the world. To achieve this goal, it organizes panels, seminars, conferences and workshops on current scientific issues. Supporting the activities it organizes through teamwork and research and development activities, the club expects new members for new projects.

Çankaya University Google Developer Student Club was established with the aim of reaching students who want to develop themselves in the field of software development in order to organize seminars and trainings that will strengthen their software skills and keeping their members informed of new technological developments. The community aims to contribute to career development of its members with trainings that are organized under Google company.

Cankaya University IEEE Club was established in our university to organize seminars, conferences, technical visits and meetings in the fields of Electronics and Communication Engineering and Computer Engineering, to give a new perspective to the member students and to be aware of current developments. Within the framework of these objectives, it organizes activities to promote our university in our country and in the world, to realize active participation from the business world and to contribute to the university-industry cooperation.

Gaming Software and Development Club was established to develop projects in the field of game software to inform community members about this issue.

Çankaya University Artificial Intelligence and Robotics Club organizes panels, seminars and conferences in order to contribute to the academic development of our students by following the applications of robotics and artificial intelligence in our country and the world. Closely following scientific studies and scientific competitions, the community participates in competitions with its own robots and represents the university in the best way within the scope of "Robo-Çankaya" activities.