Çankaya University Department of Computer Engineering

The department was established in 1997, starting with undergraduate program. The master of science programs (thesis and without thesis) started in 2000. The undergraduate program is currently certified by Association for Evaluation and Accreditation of Engineering Programs. The department is also accredited by EURO-ACE -European Network for Accreditation of Engineering Education. Our graduate will not need any extra degree equivalence in North America and Europe, for any reason.
Our vision is, providing scientific and well-rounded education with current technology awareness, to be among the select Computer Engineering departments in the country whose graduates are well known, respected and preferred at the national and international level.
Our mission is; by furnishing our students with practical along with solid theoretical knowledge, we aim to educate individuals who,
  • Possess the ability to work as a team as well as on their own,
  • Are investigative, inquisitive, and analytical,
  • Are creative, innovative, can perform interdisciplinary work,
  • Can design and implement in the field of software, hardware, and information technologies,
  • Are ethically and socially responsible individuals protecting public and environmental interest,
and meet the technology, innovation, and research and development needs in addition to developing individuals to meet the human resource needs of the industry.
Our Program Educational Objectives are; to educate graduates who are able to,
  • develop and apply solutions to comprehensive problems in work environment, with professional responsibility and ethical consciousness, as an individual or a member of a team; by rapidly adopting to technological developments,
  • carry out theoretical or applied advanced research and development in the general field of computer science and engineering;
  • contribute to developing new technologies or enhancing existing ones, with innovative and entrepreneurial vision at both national and international levels as respected employees.
The Program Outcomes show the qualifications that our students are expected to attain on their graduation. Click here for program qualifications.

Our Quality Assurance System has been in use since 2009 and contains the process of updating program qualifications, curriculums and learning outcomes for each course.

Continuous Improvement Process