Message from Head of Department

Today we live our lives with computers around for every possible purpose. For example, hundreds of sensors and computers in our cars ensure the safe operation electronically. Household devices such as TV's, washing machines and refrigerators operate automatically by the computers and software in them. When we go to hospitals, schools, and workplaces, or travel via subways, trains or planes, we see that computers carry out many tasks safely. And of course we all carry mobile phones in our pockets, which are now very advanced computers.

Our department educates engineers who will solve computer engineering problems in almost every aspect of ​​life. Since the computer engineering field is developing very fast, we continuously update our curriculum and add current topics as compulsory and elective courses. Following the engineering introductory courses, in the first years, courses such as algorithm analysis, object oriented design, database systems, software engineering, microprocessors, computer networks and operating systems enable our students to be qualified for solving various computer engineering problems. They have the opportunity to apply this education during their second and third year summer internships in industrial and institutional enterprises.

In the last two years students take compulsory courses artificial intelligence and computer graphics, and innovative elective courses such as data analysis, data mining and machine learning. In addition to these courses, they complete a one-year graduation project in the senior year. Working in teams, our students solve a complex problem from the real world in this project. They make literature survey of the project in the first semester, analyze the requirements and design, and in the second term, they perform the software and hardware solutions and the tests of the resulting system.

With the knowledge they have learned in these courses and the experiences they have gained in the graduation project, our students can find jobs more easily in innovative companies after graduation or they can become entrepreneurs by establishing their own companies.

Computer engineering is one of the most sought-after professions all over the world. One can easily find a job anywhere in the world. This advantage does not exist in most other professions because they require local training and approval processes. Computer engineering can be carried out at the same standards all over the world, since the language and methods of computers are common.

Some of our students and graduates are developing projects and software over the internet for companies in different countries of the world. With the MÜDEK accreditation that our department has been holding since 2013 and is still valid until 2023, our graduates have an internationally recognized diploma. This accreditation offers important advantages for our graduates in international activities and graduate education.

Some of our graduates work in global companies such as Amazon, Microsoft and Apple, or Turkey's leading defence industry and information technology companies such as Türk Telekom, Turkcell, Havelsan, Aselsan and TAI, or state offices, technopolises and R&D centers. Companies and institutions constantly send us messages to recruit our graduates, and these advertisements are regularly announced to our students and alumni.

Scholarships are never terminated at Çankaya University. If you enroll in our department with a partial scholarship, you may also benefit from the Academic Achievement Scholarship according to your academic performance.

Our program includes an Artificial Intelligence Track. By taking the necessary elective courses of this track, you can also have an Artificial Intelligence Track certificate when you graduate from our department.

We are delighted to welcome you to our department and wish you all a happy and successful university life.