The department has a number of well-equipped teaching and research laboratories such as General Computer Laboratories (5), Electronics, Microprocessors, Parallel, and Scientific Computing, CISCO Internetworking (2), CUDA Teaching Center, Virtual Reality and Spatial/Medical Modeling & Simulation laboratories.
General Computer Laboratories each have 40 high-performance computers each, with Windows and Linux operating systems. Courses with practical applications such as Fundamentals of Computer Engineering, Computer Programming, Advanced Programming courses and others are carried out in these laboratories.
Microprocessor Laboratory has 65 computers running both Windows and Linux operating system. It is used to conduct variety of laboratory experiments using Microprocessor and microcontroller development cards.
CISCO Internetworking Laboratory provides the students a real network environment where students can develop experience on network installation and management, using actual CISCO switches and routers. There are two such labs, on in main, one in Balgat campuses. The labs are also used to prepare students for CISCO CCNA certificates.
Parallel and Scientific Computing Laboratory has a cluster of 34 high-capacity computers used for long term projects that require intensive CPU time. These computers run Scientific Linux operating system and jobs can be executed remotely. Web interface for the cluster can be accessed via http://siber.cankaya.edu.tr/ address.
CUDA Teaching Center was donated by NVIDIA (one of the leading companies in the graphics card sector). The lab can be used both for undergraduate and graduate courses to support assignments and projects in computer graphics field.
Virtual Reality Laboratory (VR-Lab) is an academic research unit, which aims to use the benefits of innovative technologies to conduct scientific research on immersive virtual environments, augmented reality applications, games and animation technologies. VR-Lab consists of hardware and software suitable for virtual reality and game development, such as Oculus Rift DK2 virtual reality glasses, user licenses for Unity 3D, CryTek and UnReal game development engines.
Spatial/Medical Modeling and Simulation Laboratory is used in 3D tracking and measuring the motion and size of the objects and living organisms. There are 5 computers and 2 optical tracking systems in the lab.
Big Data Analytics Lab is established for big data research, consists of 4 servers and latest Hadoop/Spark and other software libraries. The lab is used in undergraduate and graduate thesis/research work, undergraduate capstone projects and also in the related course project works.