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Courses I have involved

I have taught several courses at both undergraduate and post-graduate levels. Nevertheless, my primary interest area of teaching interest is modeling of games or game-like interactive structures, most specifically courses related to design and development of interactive systems, software process and project management.

 CENG 531 – Gamification

Inspired from Kevin Werbach’s MOOC course, I designed gamification course at Masters level. The goal of the course is to show students a introductory level of gamification framework, e.g. elements and mechanics, and further assist them to use these bag of analytical tools in IT business context, and as well as in several engineering management problems.

CENG361: Innovative Game Design:

Here is a new introductory course on game design. The goal of that course is to introduce the innovative aspects of game design and development. It will detail the theories and principles of game design, and explore the methods for the design and evaluation process of games.


 CENG582: Advance Innovative Game Design

At the Masters level, I am offering a new course to teach students the fundamentals of non-digital game design techniques. Based on iterative design methods, this course will cover a variety of non-digital games (e.g. board and card games) and explore their mechanics from social and cultural perspectives.

 CENG 482 Software Quality Assurance and Management

Using my software and IT management background and experience, I lecture on software quality assurance, and management. In particular, I try to cover both the quality assurance and the management aspects of the software development. The course starts with software quality assurance concepts, the software engineering processes, and further continue on trendy software engineering methods such as agile software development, agile software management, scrum, kanban, etc. In addition, a goal is to transfer my software development experience, starting from requirements analysis through various bits and pieces from software development/design, software architecture, black-box testing and software project management.