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My research interests are focused on theoretical and practical aspects of games, including but not limited to gamification, game theory, game design and development. It is my experience of working with digital games that has driven my research interests. Because of my process and method engineering background, I am also interested in using game elements and design techniques in the software engineering process. In particular, I am investigating methods/tools for utilizing social aspects of software development by using theory of games and play.

Recently, I have conducted research on software management, software/method engineering, and management of computing and information system. Consequently, I am interested in the application of interactive game-like models and particularly the notion of mechanism design (i.e. constructing rules of a game) to the Software Engineering Process.

In fact, application of games and elements of play are two important aspects of my research interests. Games are now recognized as interdisciplinary research objects of cultural value and cognitive innovation centers. Such studies are works of combination of several research fields based on mostly from the sociology, social sciences, psychology, and management and engineering sciences. Consequently, I am interested in interdisciplinary research and collaboration with researchers interested in the social aspects of software development and team configurations, and software productivity.

 My research to date has revolved around;

  • Method Engineering and Software Process Modeling,
  • Software Project Management (Project Planning, Monitoring and Control),
  • Software Management (Tailoring Traditional, Hybrid, Agile Methodologies)
  • Game Theory &  Mechanism Design, and Gamification,
  • Data and Information Visualization Techniques,
  • Social Aspects of Software Development.

Potential Research Projects

What follows is a list of possible projects suggested by myself. Please check them and see me for a project if you are interested.

  • Game-like learning environments for both entertainment and education,
  • Serious and educational game design and development,
  • Game-Based Learning, in-game advertising (IGA), i.e. advergaming,
  • Gamification applications in software engineering and project management,
  • Innovative game design in MMOGs, MOOCs,
  • Educational video games for addressing special issues,
  • Virtual Organizations, agent-based software modeling,
  • Software Project Planning, Monitoring and Control,
  • Volunteer-Based Crowdsourcing,
  • Persuasive Technologies.