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The similarities between academic writting and coding experiences.

As I have worked for a professional programmer for a long time. After that I started an academic life, which encircles lots of writing in concentration. For me, a coding language becomes a normal language but the process stays the same.

Similar to academic writing, when I’m coding, I don’t talk to anyone, I prefer to stay focused. In fact, it certainly irritates me when someone/something interrupts me by talking loudly near my aggro circle.

The initialization process can be itemized as follows.

  1. Get away from other people or the things who might distract me.
  2. Clear away any tasks that might distract me such as emails.
  3. Close the phone or avoid from outside noise, which makes nights more convenient time-frames.
  4. Make sure IDE that is used for the build/test pipeline is running smoothly.
  5. Optionally, put on some background music.
  6. Take a deep breathe.
  7. And,…, Action!